NAME: John E. McGinness, Ph.D., M.D.

PRESENT TITLE: Faculty, Northwood College


PHONE: (713) 661-8036

BIRTHDATE: November 19, 1943

CITIZENSHIP: United States


B.S. Physics - University of Houston, 1966


Ph.D. Physics

Rice University, 1970



Medical School - University of Texas at Houston, 1981-1985

Internship: Internal Medicine, 1985-1986 Residency:

Psychiatry, 1986-1989 ACADEMIC APPOINTMENTS:

Assistant Professor of Clinical Psychiatry, Department of Psychiatry, University of Texas Health Science Center at Houston - HCPC, 1989 - 1992

Assistant Physicist and Assistant Professor of Biophysics, The University of Texas M.D. Anderson Hospital and Tumor Institute, Houston, Texas, 1970 - Present/Consultant

Assistant Professor of Metallurgy and Materials Science, Youngstown State University, Youngstown, Ohio, 1970 - 1972


Harris County Psychiatric Center, 1989 - 1992



Achieved the first definition of a adjuvant modality for malignant melanoma based on the anomolously high absorption of ultrasound by melanin.

Achieved the first enzymatic amelioration of the dose limiting toxicity of Cis-Platinum and adriamycin in an animal system.

Achieved an increase in the therapeutic index of Adriamycin with Hydroxyethyl Ruticide in CDF mice bearing L 1210 Leukemia.


Developed the first in Vivo model for retinal degeneration induced by the free radical generating anticancer drug adriamycin, the rate of retinal degeneration is strongly age dependent.

Developed a rule for combining Lithium and Carbamazepine and avoiding neurotoxicity.


Discovered amorphous semi-conductor switching in melanins. NB: This device is now in the Smithsonian Chips Collection of the American Museum of History.

Co-discoverer of the anomalous absorption of ultrasound by melanin (Kono, R., McGinness, J.E.) .


Defined the first model for a physiological role for melanosomes in the eye and mid-brain.


Co-discoverer of a possible advantage of low mobility in minimizing wave packet spread.


3 quarter hours, 3 quarters - Introduction to the Properties of Materials as they Respond to Physical Interactions.

3 quarter hours, 3 quarters - Chemical Principles of Solid-Liquid Interactions and Their Role in Forming and Changing the Physical Properties of Materials.

4 quarter hours, 2 quarters - Atomic and Molecular Structure of Materials and Their Relation to the Quantum Behavior of the Constituent Atoms and Molecules.

3 quarter hours, 6 quarters - Particle Interactions - An Introduction to the Nuclear Particles and Their Reactions.

3 quarter hours, 2 quarters - Introduction to the Selection and Structural Processing of Fabrication of Materials for use in Nuclear Reactors.

4 quarter hours, 2 quarters - Thermodynamics of Materials and the Relation Between the Microscopic of Quantum World and Macroscopic.

3 quarter hours, 2 quarters - Quantum Calculations of Solid State Properties as they Exist in Crystalline Systems.

1 quarter hour, 2 quarters - Biophysics Seminar. Selected topics for Graduate Students at M.D. Anderson.

Student Interview Course MSII. Differential Diagnosis MSIII.


FDA Study Section Free Radical Damage in Vision, 1984


Student Education Committee Infectious Disorder Committee Affective Disorder Committee


Resident Education Committee


Interview Course MSIII DDX, 1 hour MSIII


NIH - MDA, 1975 Co-principal Investigator. BRSG MDA, 1981



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